Sailing in front of Manhattan’s iconic skyline, the six national teams, led by the home team helmed by Rome Kirby, got their first glimpse of what to expect on the Hudson. Hitting the water for the first time, the teams representing the United States, Australia, China, France, Great Britain and Japan also got the first glimpse of their competitors to see if the hard work studying the data and time on the simulator since the San Francisco event last month has paid off.

The showdown begins at 5 p.m. local time on both Friday, June 21 and Saturday, June 22. All six teams will compete in identical supercharged, hydrofoiling F50 catamarans, engineered to fly across the water at speeds never before seen in sailing competition.

Currently, the Australia SailGP Team helmed by sailing legend Tom Slingsby sits atop the rankings, after taking home wins in Sydney and again in San Francisco. The United States SailGP Team sits behind Japan and Great Britain.

New York SailGP marks the third event of SailGP’s inaugural racing calendar. Following New York, the league’s six teams will head to Cowes, England (August 10-11), before the Grand Final in Marseille, France (September 20-22). The season will conclude with a $1 million winner-takes-all match race to determine the overall champion.

VNR (Video News Release)
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Shot List (Duration: 00:03:18)
00:00:00 GV of New York
00:00:19 Press Conference
00:00:48 Trophy reveal from Sir Russell Coutts
00:01:28 Skipper Shot at press conference
00:01:37 Training action with NYC city scape
00:01:47 OB training action USA with NYC city scape
00:01:58 OB training action FRA with NYC city scape
00:02:15 Aerial training with GBR & AUS
00:02:29 OB training with GBR
00:02:35 Aerial with AUS
00:02:43 Aerial with AUS and city scape
00:02:56 OB tight with AUS (leaders overall)
00:03:05 Aerial with USA (home team)

INTERVIEWS and supporting B-roll
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Shot list 
(Duration: 06:39)
00:00 United States SailGP Team - Skipper: Rome Kirby (USA) - English
01:03 Great Britain SailGP Team - Skipper: Dylan Fletcher (GBR) - English
01:55 China SailGP Team - Skipper: Phil Robertson (NZL) - English
02:41 Australia SailGP Team - Skipper: Tom Slingsby (AUS) - English
04:41 France SailGP Team - Skipper: Billy Besson (FRA) - French
05:01 Japan SailGP Team - Skipper: Nathan Outteridge (AUS) – English

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France SailGP Team

Marie Riou (FRA) / Flight Controller
Olivier Herledant (FRA) / Grinder 
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Japan SailGP Team
Tim Morishima (JPN) / Grinder 
Leo Takahashi (JPN) / Grinder
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China SailGP Team
Liu Ming (CHN) / Grinder
Chen Jinhao (CHN) / Grinder
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