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Duration: 02:05
00:00:00 Capsize GBR & recovery
00:00:19 Start Race 1 & France recovery
00:00:32 CHN & JPN battle
00:00:39 OB team USA working hard
00:00:43 AUS winning race 1
00:00:47 USA 5th place finish on home soil
00:00:53 Crowd shot with SAilGP in background
00:00:56 Race 2 start with USA nose dive
00:01:02 FRA taking early race 2 lead
00:01:06 JPN taking race 2 win
00:01:16 CHN escaping capsize OB shot
00:01:27 Start race 3 & OB China
00:01:23 Team JPN win race 3
00:01:42 Team AUS take second place in race 3
00:01:51 Team CHN take third place in race 3

INTERVIEWS and supporting b-roll:
Duration: 10:11
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Saturday 22 June – Day 2 Racing – International VNR – from 23:30 GMT 

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